Perles des Alpes

According to legend, at the first rising of the moon, the cornflower opens up and sings.

Its melody, so sweet it could enchant even the angels, echoes through the mountains ... …

Herbal tea bags

In the heart of the Swiss Alps grow a variety of plants with virtues known since time immemorial.
Rigorously selected and combined into our tea infusions, these mountain herbs and plants with refined flavours instil a feeling of bliss.

Content 15 bags
Label Bourgeon BIO Suisse
Recipes by Christine Jaberg

La force des cimes

with lemon-infused thyme


L'étoile des glaciers

with lemon verbena


Le Trésor des Pâturages

with lemon balm


Edible flowers

Cooking with flowers and herbs is the culinary passion of the day. Gathered in the Swiss Alps —tenderly and in respect of age-old traditions— these organic flowers in shades of orange and blue work wonders in the dishes of gourmet food lovers.

Label Bourgeon BIO







Cashew nut

Make way for an imaginative medley of flavours !
Swiss food connoisseurs Nobs and Grand St-Bernard have joined forces to create a delightful new pre-dinner nibble: a crunchy nut encased in delicate aromatic herbs.

Capacity 120 g
Label Bourgeon BIO


An organic pesto sauce whose main characteristic ingredient is our Mountain Blend of "Aromatic Mixed Herbs" made from organic Valais-grown plants.

Capacity 90 g
Label BIO Swiss Bud

Quality label

Our company has a quality label. Our products are certified Bio Suisse.
It attests to the quality of the raw materials we use.

Label Bio-Suisse